Friday, February 13, 2009

God Can Do That Can’t He?

In late November, 2008, I was visiting with my daughter and her family.
She and her hubby were both working this particular Friday;
Madison had no school as it was an In-service day, so we had the whole day together - just us!
That is so cool!
We were going to decorate the Christmas Tree in the morning;
go to lunch at Subway;
do some shopping in the Bayer’s Lake Area.
and when we returned home we planned to make a card for a friend whose birthday party she was going to on Sunday.
(Uhmmmm – she loves to make cards! Go figure!)
We had our day all planned.

We awoke to a rainy day!
Lots of rain!
But that didn’t stop us ...
We started decorating the tree –
left the house at about 11:30 –
and away we went –
it’s probably a 15 minute drive to the BL area – the rain was coming down!
We arrived at the Subway and the rain stopped.
As we were walking across the parking lot I said, “Wow! It stopped raining so we could get inside without getting wet!”
And this little voice said, “God can do that, can’t He, Grammie?
Stop the rain for us?”
My reply - “Yes He can, darlin’. He can stop the rain for us.”

Oh, to have the faith of a child!
The trust of a child!
He wants us to come to Him as a child would...
Believing and trusting in His Word, in Him.
Children are sincere, trusting, and totally dependent upon their parents.
Oh, to be like that in my relationship with my Heavenly Father...

Jesus spoke these words – as recorded in Mark 10:15...

“Assuredly I say to you whoever does not receive the kingdom of God
as a little child will by no means enter it.”

Nothing we do can help us achieve His kingdom!
We must come to Him with that childlike trust and dependence –
Then, and only then, are we given free access to HIM!

Dear Ones,
I pray for you to have that childlike trust and dependence upon Him!
May you KNOW that “He can stop the rain”...
He will cover you in it; carry you thru it; or take you out of it!
He is the only way!
Believe Him today!
Trust Him today!
Take a moment or two or more –
Reflect on His work in your life in the past...
may that be a building block of trust to move you forward!

Blessings on you – precious children of the King!
In His Peace,

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