Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Some people tend to be “list- makers”...
I am one of them most of the time...
When I was working I found this was the best way to keep myself organized and “ahead of the game” ... if I didn’t have a list to follow I would get distracted and go down a “garden path” that might have been more pleasurable than where I “should” have been going.
Make sense?

Are you a list maker?
What kinds of lists do you make?
· Honey-do list
· Grocery list
· Spring cleaning list
· Gift buying list
· Kids activities list
· ______________________

I actually have a ‘List’ sitting here by my computer:
This is today’s list –
· Plan menu for Friday’s lunch with a friend
· Take pics and post to www.rainbowkreations.blogspot.com
· Get chicken in oven before 1pm
· Unpack Stampin’ Up! Bag
· Laundry
· Write devotional for Tuesday
· Spend some time reflecting on a comment Madison said to me one day (I feel something “coming on” from that one)
· Complete a page in my Scripture Memorization Journal for ODBD challenge

The funny thing is that I can make a list, (mind you I don’t do this every day) and because nothing in my life is extremely urgent anymore,
I have the freedom to move things around on it –
to re-prioritize so to speak!
As I feel like it!

As we are coming upon that great “LOVE day” I thought I’d share some writings about marriage I came across the other day in a book –
“Lists To Live By!” by Gray, Stevens, Van Diest.
Actually, I’ve taken a few “lists” and combined them –
I hope they will encourage and inspire you!

© Marriage isn’t the history channel – old battles don’t have to be revisited regularly.
© Marriage isn’t a competition – if your spouse wins you win; if they lose, you both lose.
© Never both be angry at once
© Never go to bed angry
© Neglect the whole world rather than each other
© Tell each other daily that you love each other
© Commit to honesty, quality time, positive conversation, respect, laughter, dreams
© Compliment and praise each other publically
© Practice forgiveness
© Pray together

This list is not exhaustive by any means!
What are some things that you would add that you have found to be enriching forces in your marriages?

Take some time right now to reflect on your spouse –
on their positive qualities –
and give thanks to God for bringing you together – whether it was last month, last year , 10 years ago or 30 years ago!
You are blessed!

Thank You, Father,
For Your Presence in our homes!
In our lives!
May we be ever conscious of YOU!
You deserve our praise and thanks!
In His Name,

Resting in His Peace!

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