Monday, March 30, 2009


What does “Spring” mean to you?
I’ll tell you what it means to me...

No winter jackets!
Flowers in bloom!
Patio doors open to let in a fresh breeze!
Peepers – peeping!
Birds singing!
Green grass growing!
Grass being mowed – ummmm! Such a sweet smell!
The aroma of cow manure in the air! (I like this one too!)
Working in my gardens!
Sitting on the deck with family and friends!
Spending time in the “gravel pit” – [this is what hubby lovingly calls my park area in the backyard!] :0
Sitting on the front veranda swing with hubby and an early morning coffee!
Farmer’s Market starting up again!
Blowing bubbles with Madi when she visits!
________________________ (make your own list!)

Does this not make you grateful for the country you live in?
For the freedom you have to worship God in your home, in a church building,
In your backyard, on the beach, or wherever you desire?
For the fact that spring does follow winter?

I am writing this on Saturday the 28th of March... A gorgeous day – sunshine – warm temps – birds singing – crocuses in bloom! Does it get any better?


For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3:16
(I memorized this verse as a child just as I wrote it here –
from the King James Version!)

Have you ever wondered why Easter is never at the same time each year?
I wondered this over the years and finally discovered that it has something to do with the full moon in March and April.
Here is my “in a nut shell” explanation – if you want further info you’ll have to go to someone other than me! :0

The Greek word PASCHA or PASCHAL – means Passover / Easter.
The date of Easter is not fixed in our calendar as are other traditional holidays.
A series of complex tables are used to determine the date.
These tables use a lunar month made up of 28 – 30 days. (I always thought a lunar month was 28 days long – but, hey! – what do I know?!)

The PASCAL LUNAR MONTH starts somewhere between March 8 and April 5 ... this is a different determined date every year! 13 days later is the Pascal Full Moon –

Easter will fall on the next Sunday after this full moon!
Easter Sunday being the day that we celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection and the victory He has over the cross! This represents eternal life to everyone who believes in HIM!

This is amazing!
Just think about all the knowledge, intelligence, calculation, and planning that have to go into “marking Easter on OUR calendar! “ – every year!
Is that a coincidence?
I think not!

A MAJOR EVENT that marks the Christian Faith does not just “fall into place” on our calendar!


It is a time of VICTORY OVER DEATH!
With the assurance that we too, may have eternal life!
How awesome is that?
Easter gives us HOPE, JOY, COMFORT, and PEACE!
Nothing in the world can provide what Christ’s resurrection and ascension has done for me – for you!

I hope you will spend some time over these next few days reading the
“Easter Account” in the Bible:
Matthew 27 & 28
Mark 14 – 16
Luke 23 & 24
John 18 – 21

Blessings on you Dear Ones!
May His Grace and Peace and Joy fill your hearts!

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